The 55 by ’25 Campaign is coordinated by Hawai‘i P-20 Partnerships for Education, a statewide partnership led by the Executive Office on Early Learning, the Hawai‘i State Department of Education and the University of Hawai‘i System. Hawai‘i P-20 strengthens the education pipeline from early education through postsecondary education and training through data-informed decision making, advocacy, policy coordination, and stakeholder engagement, all in support of student achievement.

In 2008, the “55 by ‘25” goal was set by the Hawai‘i P-20 Council, an advisory council representing leaders from education, business, labor, government and the community who share a common vision and mission of improving educational outcomes for Hawai‘i. The council provides support, information, and guidance to the Hawai‘i P-20 leadership and staff, and advocates for statewide educational planning and policy.