Our Progress

Hawai‘i has steadily increased student achievement over the last decade. More students are graduating high school and enrolling directly into postsecondary education. An increased number of these students who enrolled directly from high school are persisting. More degrees are being awarded at our Hawai‘i postsecondary institutions. Even more promising is the increased number of underrepresented students, particularly Native Hawaiians, who are earning college degrees.

As we enter the final phase of the 55 by ’25 campaign, we would like to communicate the significant progress our state has made over the years in improving educational outcomes. We’ve identified key metrics that are evidence-based, updated annually and predictive to a child’s future success. The 55 by ‘25 dashboard highlights all the positive work being done within the state to better prepare Hawai‘i’s students for college and career success and aims to spark action to continue our efforts moving forward to reach our future educational attainment goals.

View 55 by ’25 Dashboard